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IPL Photofacial with Alma Harmony XL Pro

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a photofacial treatment that uses light to target and destroy skin imperfections caused by sun damage and aging. Non-invasive and highly effective, IPL rejuvenates skin resulting in a more even tone and fewer spots of pigmentation.

How does IPL work?

During the IPL treatment, our board-certified dermatologists Dr. Greg Van Dyke and Dr. Jasmine Yun use the Alma Harmony XL PRO, which passes over intense wavelengths of light energy to heat the skin just enough to ignite the natural healing process and increase collagen production. The new collagen growth plumps skin from the inside out, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, redness, and discoloration. The body naturally removes damaged tissue targeted by IPL. Over time, patients will begin to see a healthier layer with a more even tone and fewer spots of pigmentation.

What skin issues does IPL treat?

An IPL photofacial works deep within the layers of your skin to correct complexion problems like sun broken capillaries, blood vessels, spider veins, acne scars, rosacea, melasma, and more.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you’ll need depends on the condition of your skin as well as your desired results. During your consultation, we will create a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. While you’ll see some visible improvements after your first IPL treatment, your skin will attain ideal results with multiple sessions—typically 3-6 monthly treatments.

What types of results will I see?

IPL photorejuvenation improves the skin’s overall tone and texture, reducing hyperpigmentation, redness, and the size of your pores. Our patients report a healthier, younger-looking, and more luminous complexion.

What can I expect on my treatment day?

The IPL photofacial is gentle and usually does not require topical anesthetic. In the exam room, one of our team will begin your treatment process by cleaning the area to be treated. Then we will cover your eyes with goggles and will perform your IPL treatment using the Alma Harmony XL PRO, which we will pass over your skin while emitting pulses of light energy.
You can leave right after your appointment and get back to daily life; however, you will likely be a little red and swollen for a few hours. Van Dyke Yun Dermatology recommends you apply a cream on the treated skin and/or take anti-inflammatory medication to decrease any irritation and swelling, and speed healing.

Will there be a long recovery period after treatment?

Not at all. After 2-5 days, the blemishes that rested under your skin will come to the surface and start to flake away. It's crucial to maintain strict sun avoidance and keep your skin protected with sunscreen as often as possible after an IPL photofacial treatment and to not pick at your skin.

What areas can be treated with IPL?

The most common areas we treat are the face, neck, décolletage (chest), arms, and hands, as these areas are most often exposed to sunlight and its damaging effects.

Who is a good candidate for IPL?

IPL is most effective on light, untanned skin. For those with dark or tanned skin, there is a risk of unwanted pigment changes. During your consultation, we’ll discuss if IPL therapy is the right path for you.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to get started, or to learn more about IPL photofacials, please call us at 818.900.6007 to schedule a consultation. We will analyze your skin, discuss your goals, and create a treatment plan customized just for you. We look forward to seeing you in the office!

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